It’s my pleasure to meet you at this time of your life, I am Bridget O’Brien. I have been out of the whom for sixteen years and have been in this life, the same life as all of you for sixteen years. A lot of stuff has happened in these sixteen years, it’s hard to […]

Many girls aged between 11-17 are struggling with low self-esteem about there appearance. Many of these girls are showed what they should look like and this is discouraging them and giving them more pressure. The results from the studies show that they are worried about the effect this will have on there career prospects. Half […]

In this article it is discussing how antidepressants are overtaking the young children in England. The studies have shown that the chemicals in the pills can cause harm to the development of the brain, even though some researchers show that the hardly work in children. This shows that some doctors or medical experts are giving […]

Death. The word dead, to me this means your sleeping…forever and will never wake up. Many people go through near death situations and personally I have gone through a hand full. My question to the world is ‘why are you afraid of dying’.. think about it you were once dead, you got brought into this […]

The book ‘You Are A Badass’ directed by Jen Sincero is a inspiring book to how to stop doubting your greatness and how to live a great life. It is an interesting book that is motivational and inspiring that all people deserve to read and be taught these aspects of living. Many people struggle in […]

In the book My Sisters Keeper there is a daughter Anna Fitzgerald who was made for a ‘purpose’. Anna has a older sister named Kate who has Leukaemia and it’s taking over her body and in-fact her life. Anna has gone through countless surgeries and procedures for her sister ever since she was a little […]

Dear Sir/Madam I write this to apply for the position you are advertising for a beauty therapist for MAC beauty. Beauty struck my attention from a very early age, ever since a was a little toddler I have had the makeup out letting my creativity show in all sorts of ways, I have always been […]

In 13 Reasons Why there is this girl ‘Hannah’, ‘Hannah Baker’. She goes though a lot through her school days and many rumours go around about her and she hates every second of her life, having flash backs and certain people come to mind. She fancy’s this guy ‘Clay’, Clay is a quite caring teenage […]

In the Notebook Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) are deeply in love. It was during the summer break when there love for each other begun, they were so happy together no one and nothing could break them apart. Except for Allie’s parents. Her parent’s wanted her to be with a […]

I am Bridget O’Brien, I’m currently sixteen years old and attend Mount Aspiring College. I enjoy listening to what people feel and love to help others. When friends are having a hard time I’m there for them. I am organised and hardworking. I typically work two jobs if not one and I get stuff done without […]