Dear Sir/Madam

I write this to apply for the position you are advertising for a beauty therapist for MAC beauty.

Beauty struck my attention from a very early age, ever since a was a little toddler I have had the makeup out letting my creativity show in all sorts of ways, I have always been the stylish creative one in the family. I would go through Mum’s makeup and smear it all over my face looking like the crazy kid I was and now I’m doing friends makeup for special occasions.

I have experience with beauty doing friends and family members makeup, I can’t wait to get some experience in a beauty spa and that is something I desire to do because this has been my dream ever since I was little.

I have many skills in beauty as I keep up with the latest beauty videos and keep my skills up to date. I typically always watch the mac cosmetic tutorials and I love seeing the new seasons cosmetics and how the girls use them to make them look beautiful. Such as their contour routine, I find it really defines a individual and there contour collection of powders and soft/creamy formulas are so lush and high quality. Also by practicing on family and friends improves my skills as I learn a lot from doing that, I find that my creativity helps me a lot with my beauty skills.

I passed level one NCEA which shows that I can commit and follow through on achievement standards. I had to work really hard at getting level one and I spent a lot of time after school making sure I have all the information I need to make my work to a perfect standard. I found art was taking up a lot of my own time in particular and this really would stress me out as I had to have everything perfect or it will not fulfil my requirements within myself. I have made many achievements with getting jobs in the past which builds up my confidence and my experience working in customer service situations.

I am very interested in beauty, and I’m super keen on being creative! I work hard on goals that I set for myself, like staying fit and keeping my skin healthy by regularly keeping to my routine. I am typically very organised and I strive to be so. I’m interested in people and their story’s and how there are so many different people in the world. I love to be happy and make others feel good about themselves.

I think I would be suitable for this job as I would bring your team a happy face that is intrigued by  people, I will bring my creativity and skills and show it at a high level. I am interested in learning new skills on the journey and I would be so grateful to be apart of the MAC beauty team.

Thank you for your time,

Bridget O’Brien


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  1. This is coming along well. An area for close focus is the spelling and word choice. We need to work on areas like homophones (the use of the words there, their and they’re is an example of this) and also let’s talk about the organisation of the letter. What information is the most important?

    Then, the next step is to enrich the language. How can you add imagery that will make your letter stand out. I think your anecdote from the past is a good starting point here. It’s good material, but needs to be told with more control.

    Let me know if you need assistance with this.


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