The book ‘You Are A Badass’ directed by Jen Sincero is a inspiring book to how to stop doubting your greatness and how to live a great life. It is an interesting book that is motivational and inspiring that all people deserve to read and be taught these aspects of living. Many people struggle in there day to day lives and these days it is getting more and more common and people are struggling to live a great life. These days people are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because of issues that are accruing because of not living the best life you can. Many people enjoy reading and this is a good way to do something you passionate about as-well as teaching yourself to be a better person and have a better life.

The book is teaching the person to think about your own pathway in life and when other peoples opinions come in your way, to kick them out. You are the best you and focus on things that make you happy. The author talked about how he loves ageing because each year he gets older he gives less about what people think. The younger ages of life is when we take in all the criticization and let that rule our lives. This then may seem like the dreams you had set for yourself through out your life have changed because of other peoples opinions. This book teaches an individual how to not care what other people think.]\ and to learn from your mistakes,. There is an example in the book of a personal experience from the author, She was rebellious and after working for a record label she started a rock band, she failed that. She then wrote a book about that experience, She then became a lesbian and failed that, then wrote a book about that. She started off ultimately teaching people on how to improve there sex lives to then how to improve there lives all together.

The book is aimed to help people change there lives to a happy go get it and be lucky way of living and includes lots of lessons that can be very relatable and this book also includes peoples personal stories. This book is full of motivation and has tactical tips on how to rule your own life. “Know what you want, be flexible about the how” This is one of the things that the author talked about in the book she advises people to figure out what you want, but not obsessing over how you’ll get there. The more simple you keep the things that pop up in your head, the easier it will be to move forward and keep motivation. If you keep everything simple and don’t plan and strategise yourself around the goal you want, it will be easier to achieve as you will still have interest over it and this is making slow progress to achieving your goal instead of overdoing yourself and causing failure or disbelief.

Overall I personally really enjoyed reading this as I was intrigued of how the mind can change your whole life. I found it very helpful as I have gone through a very hard time in life and this book has changed the way I think about things and it’s made me more confident and eager to concur life. Its made me look at life differently and it’s truely inspiring and I highly recommend this book to people that let other peoples opinions rule there life. I have always, since day one of being alive have let others peoples opinions and voices overrule mine, this is because I was so shy and was too scared to stick up for myself and my own voice. As the years went on and I got older it got even harder for me, by moving half way around the world and starting a new school, I couldn’t even talk for myself. I was always to scared to be proven wrong or shut down. I always found this very hard to live and have these dreams I had for myself when I would be told things like “that is way to hard” or “you wouldn’t be able to have the patients for that” … I always wanted to be a fashion designer until I let these peoples opinions overrule mine. I am so glad the day has came where my Mother has gotten me into reading these types of books or at least encouraging me to and it has truely changed me and it makes me feel like i do have a purpose and that I am there only me and no ones thoughts are greater than mine because I am my own me. its crazy that we are getting brought up more and more with the louder more opinionated kids ruling the quieter ones. It’s until the point when you realise you are the greatest you, you get discouraged and doubted about your goals. Therefore the earlier people learn to kick everyone else’s negative opinions to the curb and to follow your dreams and goals, the happier and well minded people will be.

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