In this article it is discussing how antidepressants are overtaking the young children in England. The studies have shown that the chemicals in the pills can cause harm to the development of the brain, even though some researchers show that the hardly work in children. This shows that some doctors or medical experts are giving children these antidepressants because they don’t have a second option or are lacking the knowledge of what they do. They are becoming a long term support for some of the population and this is increasing by double each decade. In England one in five people will be on the drugs, whereas in London it’s fewer than one in ten. They are discussing that counselling should be more assessable and more of a first resort. They are handing out antidepressants to people that don’t particularly need them, they just have low mood. No one knows the long term consequences of antidepressants to the developing brain, therefore they should not give them to the younger youth. Researchers found that the drug venlafaxine caused an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Personally I know that I relay a lot on my antidepressants, to put my head to rest and night to getting me through the tough days and nights. I have knowledge on antidepressants personally and I know that they are just a support, they are not going to change you as a person and your views over life. they are just there to help, but they will not change you. I learnt a lot reading this article and it has given me the knowledge that I have been always so curious about. I have a younger brother and sister that are aged 11 and 12, they both are going through a slight ‘anxiety and depressed’ stage of life. This article has made me wonder if it’s there low mood that we have been thinking ‘depressed’. It’s hard to know with kids that age that are very shy and personal. My mum has always had us going to councillors since we were little, as our lives have not been the easiest to get through. This option has been very accessible to my family, we are very fortunate of this. I do know of families with kids my age that are in need of counselling and mental therapy but maybe they are not able to afford that or they are unacknowledged about this.

I believe that this area of worry needs to be more of a focus around schools in the world. The depression rates are increasing not only in England but around the whole world because there is not accessible solutions to this massive problem. Highly trained therapists are very expensive and this can be very hard to afford for some families. The therapists/councillors who maybe have not been trained as much are not trusted as much as they should be and they might not be dedicating there time appropriately for a patient in desperate need. This needs to be a change in the world as soon as possible and they need to come to a conclusion about making therapist more accessible. The doctors need to have more awareness of the damage the drugs can cause to a developing brain. This is no joke, when young children are having sducidal thoughts and the wrong decisions are being made of how to solve this. Someone is needing to step in.

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