Many girls aged between 11-17 are struggling with low self-esteem about there appearance. Many of these girls are showed what they should look like and this is discouraging them and giving them more pressure. The results from the studies show that they are worried about the effect this will have on there career prospects. Half the girls described themselves as ‘average’ and ten percent described themselves as ‘ugly’. This has led the girls feeling this way to spend up to 45 minutes a day to work on there appearance. Applying make-up and choosing outfits, this is nearly as much time as they spend doing there homework. Many of these girls have said they would be happier if they were physically attractive. 

The studies show that because of the lack of confidence of young women this will cause thousands to fail to achieve there professional potential. It’s claimed that Britain could loose some 319,000 future buisness women, lawyers and doctors by 2050 unless young women can be helped to retain confidence in there own abilities. The survey found that the things other girls say make them feel less confident. Only one in three is confident and therefore studies show will have a successful career. They say that the low self-esteem young women will not be as interested in following in peoples career paths. This is causing the young women to not work to there potential and they really hold themselves back. Dove has started a new programme to help girls perceive and embrace beauty. The company aims to contact young women with low self-esteem all over the country and take them through there work shop. Dove spokesman Ali Fisher said: ‘We are passionate about our social mission and want to continue to help young girls and women develop a positive relationship with their bodies.’

I believe that Dove is doing a great thing and that this workshop should be done all over the world. Many of my friends go through low self-esteem and I personally know what it feels like as I go through it myself. I know that it can be very hard to get through everyday when you are constantly doubting yourself. It’s hard to look in the mirror without giving up with the day, it’s crazy how this can actually affect our day to day lives. I have slowly taught myself to not worry as much about what I look like because if you constantly trying to impress people then whats the point? Because if they don’t accept you for who you really are then it shouldn’t be worth it. 

I can see how this can effect the future of young women, especially the girls my age and thinking about my generation in 10 years from now. Most of us would be too scared to go for certain jobs that we are so capable of doing, because of the judgement we will get from others. I personally can relate to this about where my thoughts are at now for next year, I wish I could be one of those leaders up at the front of the school and I would love that so much! But I just couldn’t put myself through that pain within myself of the fear of judgement from other on how I look. Just because I have chunky thighs and a fat face and I am not the prettiest of my friends and to be honest, I’m far off that. It makes my self-esteem so low and I know that many of my friends also feel this way about themselves. I have friends who are twins there is one that is known as the ‘sporty’ one and then the ‘pretty’ one, the ‘sporty’ one always comes to me and asks me if shes actually ugly and that makes me so sad because I see them both just as equal as eachother and it fusterates me how they think of it as a compitition. Each girl deserves to feel as good as another. 

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