In the book My Sisters Keeper there is a daughter Anna Fitzgerald who was made for a ‘purpose’. Anna has a older sister named Kate who has Leukaemia and it’s taking over her body and in-fact her life. Anna has gone through countless surgeries and procedures for her sister ever since she was a little baby, Anna is now 13 years old. After every surgery there always seems to be another one because it’s not going to be enough for Kate and eventually Anna’s whole body will break down if she has to keep doing this for her sister. There parents made Anna for this reason, to be Kate’s doner. But Anna is sick of this ruining her life, Kate wants the best for Anna and this causes an unsettled home with a lot of arguments of what’s right.

Anna finally makes a decision to end these ongoing procedures for her sister, she sues her parents for medical emancipation. This is very hard for all of the family, especially Kate, as she lays in her bed while this cancer is taking over all her body and she is dying. Anna and Kate are very close and want the best for each other. Anna wins the law suit and Kate told her family that she wants to die because she doesn’t want to live with cancer, all along it was Kate’s idea for her sister to to do law suit. Anna suddenly dies in a car accident right after being in court and Kate was in need for a kidney to survive. They used Anna’s kidney so Kate could survive. Now she lives happily in memory of her Sister Anna.

I can relate to this book because I have had cancer and know how it feels to have something take over your body thats out of your control. I know how hard it can be with making decisions and how it can effect the family, like when we had to make a decision if I was going to have surgery or not and when I got put on life support the drama that caused with my family and how it was stressful for them. With my parents being freshly divorced they couldn’t even control themselves around me when the doctors were unsure if I was going to survive. It made this time even harder for me and it was unbearable.

Relating to this book the character I personally can relate to the most is Kate. having all the attention in the world and everyones emotions hitting you everyday, it’s overwhelming. I wanted to give up, as she did as well… she wanted Anna to do the law suit because she was sick of living with cancer. Having something controlling how you feel everyday, to how you look and who you become is challenging to a single person. When my hair fell out, throwing up all the time and I became so frale, I hated it I wanted to run away and be myself. It’s such a tough position to be in.

Anna is a very strong character who has such a brave soul. I know what it’s like to be brave and just do what your gut is telling you. When my dad pushed me to my buttons and things became unbearable with being around him, my gut told me to reject this man from my life and so I did. I went through with that and got a restraining order on him, as hurtful it was to do this it’s just something I needed to do to keep myself safe. Like Anna needed to keep herself safe and happy she needed to be brave. With believing in yourself is the best thing you can do for you.


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