I am Bridget O’Brien, I’m currently sixteen years old and attend Mount Aspiring College.

I enjoy listening to what people feel and love to help others. When friends are having a hard time I’m there for them. I am organised and hardworking. I typically work two jobs if not one and I get stuff done without messing around. I am creative, I am very active and love to laugh. I cook and bake a lot at home which brings out my creativity as I like to experiment with different foods. I also play netball and basketball which keeps me active and laugh with my friends. I have four brothers and sisters and Mum always relies on me to look after them, make dinner and keep the house tidy. I couch a year 7/8 netball team and this makes me focus on how I can manage my time usefully but as well as doing things I enjoy.

I have level one NCEA and am working towards level two at the moment. I set myself a goal at the start of last year to get the 80 credits needed to pass level one, I achieved that goal by working hard and doing extra work in my own time.

I am very interested in beauty, fashion, sport, wellbeing, cooking, baking, art, babysitting and being trust worthy, these aspects of mine really show in my everyday life. I am very social and love to interact with new people. I have a lot of costumer service experience as I’ve worked being a housekeeper at The Moorings, I waitressed at Oakridge Resort Restaurant as well as working in the kitchen, I’ve worked at Fedeli being a kitchen hand and I’ve had many babysitting jobs here and there. I love working and having the experience to build me up as a person.

These interests of mine show that I am a people person and that I am very artsy and active. I love to teach kids new things and being around people makes me so happy as does being active! I let my creativity come out when I get dressed in the morning, the way I present the food I make and the way I make my friends feel after doing there makeup.



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