In the Notebook Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) are deeply in love. It was during the summer break when there love for each other begun, they were so happy together no one and nothing could break them apart. Except for Allie’s parents. Her parent’s wanted her to be with a rich guy that had his future planned out. Noah is going off to serve in the World War II and Allie and her parents are moving out of town. This was the end of there love affair, well at least for now. They both made a promise to write to each other everyday while they were on other sides of the world.

Noah wrote to Allie 365 days in a row and he received nothing at all back from her. Noah decided to move on with his life and do what he’s always wanted. He started to build his and Allie’s dream house that they planned to do. During this time Allie got engaged with a man that her parents adored. The day Allie saw an article in the news paper about Noah building that house Allie drove to go see the house, and him.

They finally saw each other after 2 years of being apart and they both had a lot to say. Allie had never received any of Noah’s letter because later on in the movie we find out that her mum took them all out of the mailbox and hid them from her. During this time being together they both felt that love connection like they used to have. Allie was getting married in two days and it was all too hard for her to handle. Allies mum knew where Allie would be as soon as Allie’s soon to be husband said she had gone back. Allie’s Mother gave her all the letters she had been hiding from her and of course Allie was angry and sad. But Allie didn’t know what to do with her situation she was in. So she went back to her soon to be husband and broke up with him and told him her situation, she then went back to Noah and they had the life they dreamed of.

This movie is so heart touching and sad, it really shows how confusing and emotional life can be. I felt that this movie relates to me a lot about how something can really emotionally break you, like leaving someone you are so deeply in love with. I also felt that it’s showing that when you are so deeply in love with another person and have that connection it will not be the end of your relationship, there will always be a friendship between you guys. It made me feel happy that the ending of the movie was them being back together as much it was sad but because of how happy they were when they first met and that they had that connection, it was always there even though they were both going through different things in there life they made it back to each other. But the main thing that made me enjoy the movie so much was how happy they were together and then at the end they were just as happy as they used to be and it was like they had never left each other.

I know that many teenagers go through break ups but they are at this age where they think its all over, that there whole love life is over. But i know from past experiences that watching this movie reinsured me that everything happens for a reason and every relationship should never be a regret, it should be an experience. This movie really shows these things. I believe that no matter how hard a break up may be its always good to keep looking forward and doing the things you’ve wanted to do with your life even if that person is no longer in the picture.

I think if you look at this movie as it’s now in this generation, Allie’s parents are those typical strict parents that have there own opinions that don’t match with your own. That causes yourself to be sad and think ‘life is unfair’. I personally can relate to this in some situations. It interests me that how connected Allie and Noah were that no matter what Allie’s parents thought she would still go out and see Noah, because they were in love. I know personally that when my friends want to go to a party but there parents say that they aren’t allowed, that typically doesn’t stop them. Thats just like Allie and Noah’s situation, that they want something that there parents aren’t allowing them to have and I think thats called ‘freedom’.






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  1. This response is good. It shows a good understanding of the film and the ideas/challenges presented in it. The next step is to develop a more sophisticated personal response. I would encourage you to give an example from your own life experience (this doesn’t have to be personal, simply something you know about the world) that helps strengthen the fact that you understand how people can experience the barrier of going against their parents’ wishes, and how this is perhaps an inevitable part of being a teenager.

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