30th July 2018

Speech: Death

Death. The word dead, to me this means your sleeping…forever and will never wake up. Many people go through near death situations and personally I have gone through a hand full. My question to the world is ‘why are you afraid of dying’.. think about it you were once dead, you got brought into this world to live to the boundaries and do crazy stuff. There was no timeline set in place for you, it’s for you to find out for yourself. I believe no matter how long your on this earth for, while your here do what makes you happy, don’t let others rule your life.

Think about all the near death situations you have been through personally, theres got to be at least one. Isn’t it crazy how after these situations we are still here, it’s like theres some sort of purpose to your life. Although some of you may be thinking there really isn’t, ‘I’m just getting through each day as it comes’. You just don’t know what you don’t know, therefore live the way you dream of and just see where that takes you and what happens, don’t waste your life waiting for things to fall into place. Start having fun and forget about those days when your to sad or bored to do anything.

Four years ago I was on life support while a tumour was taking over my body, three years ago I had a blood clot in my upper right arm, last year I had something growing in my stomach and was rushed to hospital and earlier this year I went through a couple suicide attempts where my life could’ve came to an end. These are my personal experiences that I have gone through, but for some crazy reason i’m still here getting through each day. I have thoughts that emerge in my mind like is there a reason i’m still here, like what does the future hold for me.

Death may seem scary for some, but for me I have came to this point where I no longer feel this way. I think death comes when it’s called for, when it’s time to go and you’ve done the world proud. Although there does come times where kids are taken away way too early to even experience the world. I had a friend when I was receiving my treatment for my cancer, she was three years old and had a brain tumour which got into her blood stream and unfortunately she passed away. These scenarios are the worst and is brutally called ‘unlucky’. Many families go through death at some point of there lives, it’s unbearable to see a person you love and cherish go away. My Grandfather passed away two years ago and although I did not know him as well as I wished to, it was so hard to say goodbye to his body.

The late nights when you stare at the roof of your lonely room when a loved one has died… it’s the worst feeling, but you wonder…it must’ve been time for them to go. Everyone has to go at some point in there life and everyone is different. If you were to die tonight how would you feel about how you spent your time living? Sometimes I catch myself and wonder, would I be proud of this decision if I were to die tonight? So I now change my life to live to the boundaries and do crazy stuff that I will not regret. But then there’s those days when your lying in bed and can’t be bothered to get out or you tell yourself that you can’t be bothered with moving and you just want to watch movies all day and let the day pass before your eyes. These days are valued a lot by me because sometimes you need to take a break so then you can have the fun crazy days that I also value very much, in-fact these days rule my life.

How do you feel about your life and where you’ve came to right now? are you regretting anything? Wish you had done things differently? I can defiantly agree. But you know when the elderlies say ‘learn from your mistakes’, I have actually incorporated this into my day to day life and realised that this is the best way to move forward to being the best you. ‘Living your life to the fullest’ is one of the sayings that people typically say but never do. But why not do it? because your too scared or worried…? of death? This is where it comes to the question that you need to ask yourself, Do you value having fun and living to the boundaries, or do you value sticking to the rules and just getting through each day alive? this is for you to decide on because you are the best you and you know what you want. But let me tell you something, death is something no one should be scared of because if you’re always resisting everything you do because of the fear of dying, then how will you live?

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  1. Bridget, this is a very powerful speech that shows a lot of wisdom and insight, which is of no surprise considering your experiences. How will it feel to present this to your class, do you think?


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