In 13 Reasons Why there is this girl ‘Hannah’, ‘Hannah Baker’. She goes though a lot through her school days and many rumours go around about her and she hates every second of her life, having flash backs and certain people come to mind. She fancy’s this guy ‘Clay’, Clay is a quite caring teenage boy who wish he could know how Hannah felt about him before she took away her life.

At this high school it was full of stereotypical students, but they all were apart of Hannah’s life and each had a different reason of why it was there fault that Hannah is now dead. The school councillor seemed to Hannah as he didn’t care enough about her wellbeing because he knew she was not okay but he did not follow Hannah out of the room until he really truely knew she was going to be okay, or till when he could do something to help her from suffering. All the students gossiped about Hannah and rumours would go around about what happened that last weekend or what happened at that party, Hannah was sick of all this drama going around this stereotypical school about her. She was drowning in regret and sorrow, she was hurting; But no one could see this enough to help her.

She made 13 tapes about certain people who had a role in her life that made her feel so down. She made a list of names that those tapes had to go to. Then she left the box of tapes for the first person on the list. The bath was full and she had a box of blades, she stepped in the bath and painfully slit her wrists and laid in the bath until she bled to death. Her parents came into the bathroom and saw her there dead in the bath and were so emotionally and physically broken. The tapes got passed around to the people on the list and was kept secret to all parents, teachers and everyone who was not on the list. She wanted her story to be kept between the people that needed to know how they made her feel until the last person on the list, the councillor, he could decide where they went from him.

Clay was very tragic after all of this because he had feelings for Hannah but was to scared to show them. He regrets every second of not showing how he really felt about her and how much time he wasted which costed her life. There is no going back for Clay but to learn from his experiences. Clay struggles to get through his every day life when knowing the girl he loved is now dead because of him. He climbed up the cliff and looked down at the city lights and wanted to jump off the edge, but it was too hard. He kept everything hidden from his parents and he was struggling to be happy with in himself and being at home he had to fake he was ok, he was not ok.

This movie is so sad, but it shows how the typical school life can get very hard with everything going on. It shows that one person can not go through all this stuff on there own and that they need a councillor or friends to talk to. They need support and positive things in there life’s. When there is drama and things that are overwhelming going on no person is capable of handling that all by themselves. Be a friend to everyone and notice if someone doesn’t look happy, be there friend and show interest in them. The decision Hannah made to commit suicide made the whole community realise what some people go through. Personally i think they needed more awareness about suicide around the community, so this didn’t have to happen to Hannah, she was a daughter, a friend, a classmate, a employee, a kid, a student to people in this community.

In the movie many of the other characters said ‘she did it for attention’ I personally think this is one of the rudest things you could say. If someone takes away there own life why would they do it for attention because they are gone and no longer here to receive the attention this may have caused. This also makes me think about what people think and how powerful one persons word may be and how hurtful this may make a person. I know that many people did care about Hannah, but it wasn’t the way Hannah wanted to be cared about, or they’d be to scared to show how they really felt.

I think that this movie really brings attention to how this is happening in many teenagers life’s and that people do need support when they are going through this. It’s to hard to handle on your own. Drama can be caused by so many different things, keeping up with it is to hard let alone being apart of it. I know from experience that it is so hard to hold on to a heap of things and walking through everyday like its a dream. I know how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning to drag myself through that same day i had yesterday. But i also know how affective it is to talk to people about how you are feeling because it releases so many feelings out of you, it makes you feel like you have a purpose in this world, it reinsures you that you’re worth it.

I’ve been depressed and its the worst thing ever, it’s like this devil inside your head messing with your feelings and telling you to do stuff that is not good for your wellbeing. I used to lay in bed all day because thats the only place i felt safe, i would be scared to leave the house because i didn’t want to be seen this way, i didn’t want to be asked if i was ok, because i was scared to face the truth. But now i know, to get better you need to face the truth and do everything you can to be happy and to get out of that dark hole. I know that many people get depressed at some point of there life’s and its stressful, its hard and its unfair. I wish people were more aware of depression and how it can affect a person. Many kids these days joke around and say ‘Ha that girl looks depressed, look at her’ this is such a powerful thing to say, people that are depressed don’t need to be pointed at or to be gossiped about, they need support and help. If you see someone who looks sad constantly, tell someone who can do something about it. Hannah was strong but after time that strength wears out.


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