12th February 2018

Transcription #2

B: “Hi (Abbreviation) Amy!”

A: Screams(Sound), “Hi guys (Colloquialism)

B: “Hi Shanae, what are you (Interpersonal Pronouns) doing?”

S: “I am at school”

A: “Same (Colloquialism)!”

B: “Me tooooo (Sound Effect – extension)

A: “I think I do (Nonsense Response)?”

B: “Hi Freya!!”

F: “Heyyyy (Accent for Emphasis)!”

A: “I think I just peed!

B: Laughs (Para-linguistic feature)

F: “What’re (Contraction) you guys (Colloqualism) upto (Compound Word)?”

A: Coughs (Para-linguistic Feature), “I have a cold”

B: “I [have – ommission] got itchy eyebrow“, “what do you have?” Looks at Shanae

S: “I like bike riding and walking my dog”

B: “Oh thats nice”

A: “I like the sun..shine

B: “I got sweaty armpits

All laugh

B: “So how long?”

F: “Sing a song”

A: “I, I really need to pee, so is it gonna keep going?”

F: “Five more seconds”

A: “Oh um..

B: “Big Shaq

A: “The one and only

B: Laughs



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