Dear Sir/Madam

I write this to apply for the position you are advertising for a beauty therapist for MAC beauty.

Beauty struck my attention from a very early age, ever since I was a little toddler I have had the makeup out letting my creativity show in all sorts of ways, I have always been the stylish creative one in the family. I would go through Mum’s makeup and smear it all over my face looking like the crazy kid I was and now I’m doing friends makeup for special occasions.

I have experience with beauty doing friends and family members makeup, I can’t wait to get some experience in a beauty spa and that is something I desire to do because this has been my dream ever since I was little.

I have many skills in beauty as I keep up with the latest beauty videos and keep my skills up to date. I typically always watch the mac cosmetic tutorials and I love seeing the new seasons cosmetics and how the girls use them to make them look beautiful. Such as their contour routine, I find it really defines a individual and there contour collection of powders and soft/creamy formulas are so lush and high quality. Also by practicing on family and friends improves my skills as I learn a lot from doing that. I find that my creativity helps me a lot with my beauty skills.

I passed level one NCEA which shows that I can commit and follow through on achievement standards. I had to work really hard at getting level one, I spent a lot of time after school making sure I have all the information I need to make my work to a perfect standard. I found art was taking up a lot of my own time in particular and this really would stress me out as I had to have everything perfect or it will not fulfil my requirements within myself. I have made many achievements with getting jobs in the past which builds up my confidence and my experience working in customer service situations.

I am very interested in beauty, and I’m super keen on being creative! I work hard on goals that I set for myself, like staying fit and keeping my skin healthy by regularly keeping to my routine. I am typically very organised and I strive to be so. I’m interested in people and their story’s and how there are so many different people in the world. I love to be happy and make others feel good about themselves.

I think I would be suitable for this job as I would bring your team a happy face that is intrigued by people, I will bring my creativity and skills and show it at a high level. I am interested in learning new skills on the journey and I would be so grateful to be apart of the MAC beauty team.

Thank you for your time,

Bridget O’Brien

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  1. This is a good application letter – as we have previously seen. Unfortunately because it does not extend itself into more advanced writing effects – for example the use of metaphor or imagery, or the use of anecdote, it doesn’t fully meet the criteria for the writing folio at level 2.

    Not Achieved


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